Mucosal Vitiligo affects the lips and mucous membranes. Hence this form of Vitiligo causes loss of pigmentation on the lips and around the mouth. Understandably having any form of Vitiligo on the face is very embarrassing for some sufferers.

The good news is that Vitiligo Treatment has the correct products to effectively treat this condition. The lip balm that we have developed is convenient and easy to use. Our vitamin T-Cell-V compliments the Lip Balm and essential for fast effective treatment.

Research and development

As a result of the many requests we had from people for treatment specifically for their lips we realized we owed it to our loyal customers to develop the correct product.

So we handed the project over to our research and development department to came up with a treatment for the lips.The result, a highly effective Lip Balm. The team used the active ingredients from the Vitilox pigmentation cream and combined it with a waxy Lip Balm. The waxy lip balm is waterproof and so remains on the lips for a longer period allowing the penetration of the active ingredients. The healing could now begin.

Together with the lip balm we highly recommend the Vitilox T-Cell-V be used by patients over 8 years of age. The T-Cell-V will replace the essential Vitamins and metallic elements lacking in Vitiligo Patients.

Vitilox Products for Vitiligo Lip Treatment

Vitilox Lip Balm has a wax base. This allows the Lip Balm to block out the moisture while it heals. The Lip Balm penetrate the skin on the lips to heal the damaged melanocytes. Once the damaged melanocytes start healing, they produce melanin which will re-pigment the lips back to their natural skin tone.

Vitilox® Vitiligo Lip Balm

As mentioned, it is strongly advisable to take the Vitilox B12 and folic acid tablets. to assist in slowing down the spread of Vitiligo. They are especially beneficial if your Vitiligo has just recently manifested and is not widespread.

Vitiligo Lip Treatment

On the other hand, Vitilox T-Cell-V are recommended for people who have a long history of the condition Also if it is widespread and not just on the lips.

Both these vitamins contain elements which are lacking in people who develop Vitiligo. They assist in slowing down the spread.  They will enhance the pigmentation process.

If you are unsure and require more personal advice as to which Vitamins will be the most beneficial for your condition, please complete an assessment form. One of our professional consultants will contact you with the correct product required by yourself.

Why You Should Treat Vitiligo of the Lips

Maybe the biggest issue is the embarrassment your Vitiligo causes you. In most social engagement people will look you in the face. Woman can use lipstick to hide the Vitiligo. Most woman report that their lipstick does not camouflage the white spots very well. Your lips are on display and it is understandable that you want to cure this condition.

Never forget that you are not alone with your Vitiligo. Our consultants are always willing to go the extra mile to assist you. Your mental well being is as important to treat as is your skin de-pigmentation. Form groups with people suffering from the same condition. You will be able to talk freely about how you feel and share advise that has work for you.

Finally and most importantly of all we at Vitiligo Treatment are here to listen and assist you in selecting the correct treatment.

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