The site of a previous traumas is often the area that shows the first signs of Vitiligo especially if you are predisposed to the condition. The skin around the area of a previous skin laceration, cut, scratch or allergy will turn white giving you the first indication that you have developed Vitiligo. Often the cuts and scratches are caused by for instance coral or chemicals that damage your skin cells.

Vitiligo Skin Trauma Due to Allergies

Allergies and chemicals cause damage to the outer layers of your skin. If the skin does not heal correctly the body’s auto immune system attacks the melanocytes. The melanocytes are the pigment producing cells of the skin. Without the production of melanin, the skin loses its natural colour tone and becomes white. In contract the more melanin your skin produces the darker your skin tone.

If you are predisposed to the condition due to a genetic condition inherited from your forefathers, the white patches may spread to other areas and not stay localized to the area of damaged skin.

Vitiligo Due to Injury

The following case concerns a patient who lost pigmentation around a lesion. She cut her arm very badly and while the cut healed well shortly after the accident the skin around the area started to show white spots. This case of Vitiligo skin trauma is a good example of how previously damaged skin and cause damage to the melanocytes resulting in the start of Vitiligo.

Vitilox products successfully treat Vitiligo Skin Trauma

The photo’s send to us in this case study shows the scar on the patients wrist around which the Vitiligo began.

Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitamins

Our patient sent us this pic once she received her Vitilox Products:

The first picture shows a very optimistic patient receiving her treatment. Her treatment consisted of Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitilox Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid.

In the picture you can clearly see the white patch that developed round the laceration on her wrist. Soon after the cut healed, she noticed white spots appearing around the injured area. The Vitiligo on her wrist remained localized to that area.

Because she was very vigilant and notice the white spots appearing, she went to see her GP for a diagnosis. She then approached us to recommend the best treatment for her. We advised her to use the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitilox Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid. The pigmentation cram would work on healing the melanocytes below the surface white the Vitamins would replenish her body of essential ingredients that she was lacking in. The Vitamins played an important role in stopping the spread of the Vitiligo.

Vitiligo Skin Laceration Before Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment is essential

Untreated the area of depigmentation showing in this picture would spread and may even affect other parts of her body.

The Vitilox Pigmentation cream was applied to the de-pigmented skin twice a day. In the morning on clean skin and again in the evenings when she went to bed. The cream absorbs quickly and penetrates deep into the skin’s cells. The cream then stimulates the skin into producing Melanin again. Together with the application of the cream she took a vitamin every morning after breakfast. Regular use of the Vitamins are vital for the revitalization of the elements required by the skin to regenerate the cells and ensure the correct functioning of the Melanin.

Repairing Melanocytes

Pigmentation returning to the scar area

After a few weeks the patient sent this photo.  Clearly noticeable is that the area of de-pigmentation is now half the size it was.

Her skin tone has returned due to the correct functioning of her melanin. The treatment has repaired her melanocytes.

Healing power of Vitilox

Vitiligo Skin Treatment Complete

Very soon afterwards, she sent us this picture clearly showing the skin lesion with the newly re-pigmented skin around the old white patch. Clearing her treatment using our Vitilox products achieved the desired results – complete re-pigmentation!!

We hope this Vitiligo skin trauma case study was an inspiration for you.  Persist in the treatment of your Vitiligo and you can also attain 100% results.

If you would like to watch the video of this case study please click HERE .

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