The most heart-warming news to receive is certainly that of the successful treatment of a young child. This young girl has her whole life ahead of her. With the successful treatment of her Vitiligo we know that she will have a happier childhood. We wish her all the best for her future.

Her Granny was instrumental in ensuring she received the correct treatment. Furthermore she wanted to see her Granddaughter grow up happy and carefree. The fact that her granddaughter had Vitiligo was very stressful on the family. We are delighted to share this story with you.

Vitiligo Treatment welcomes all feedback from you, our clients. Because of this we can pass on the joy from your successes to encourage our readers in their own fight against Vitiligo. To share your journey and feedback is all part of who we are and what we want to achieve.

Feedback from Patients

Your feedback is analyzed for ways in which it can assist us to help others. Much of our research and development that takes place is thanks to the information and communication with the Vitiligo Community. Any tips and positive outcome of any treatment that you have experienced enables us to share the knowledge for the good of all Vitiligo patients. We also use the feedback to improve our own products. Consequently many of our products were developed based on the needs of our patients.

Treating Vitiligo on a Child 

This grandmother was so delighted with the results that Vitilox achieved that she wanted us to share it with the community. She felt that if we publish her story others would try our products and achieve the same successful results. The case study of Vitiligo Treatment of a child follows.

Children with Vitiligo are often bullied and the object of their classmate’s ridicule. So, it was to counteract this that this Granny decided to approach us for help. She had seen too many tears flow from her granddaughter after being teased by her classmates. The grandmother decided to put a stop to this. She saved her money frugally to purchase the treatment she had seen online.

Vitilox Case Study Neck Treatment Before
Before Treatment Began 

October 2018 the child Grandmother approached Vitiligo Treatment for reassure and advise on treatment for her Granddaughter. She wanted to ensure her carefully saved money would be used to obtain the best treatment for her Granddaughter. After discussion with the consultant the granny purchased our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitamin B12 with Folic acid.

The original photos below were taken by the Granny. The photo’s show the neck area which was treated. Other areas of her body were also successfully treated. However her neck was the worst area of de-pigmentation.

Vitilox Vitiligo Neck Treatment Complete
During Vitiligo Treatment in the Child

The Grandmother was over the moon as a result of finding a product to successfully re-pigment her granddaughters’ Vitiligo. The Granny was happy to share the photos showing the difference before and after treatment. All pictures used were the originals received from the granny.

At the time of publication, the grandmother was still treating some joint areas that were showing positive signs of healing. There were vast improvements on all treated areas. Completely re-pigmented was also achieved on her face.

Finally this remarkable result was obtain from using Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitilox Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid.These products are not harmful. They consequently can be used by children of any age. Another successful treatment of Vitiligo thanks to the Vitilox range of products.

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